Dear Valued Agents and Users,

We are reaching out to you today to clarify an ongoing problem with an industry partner skysecure. Last week Ciphr & Hypercore users began experiencing connectivity issues when messaging their users, it was later disclosed by skysecure that they had implemented a communications block towards Ciphr & Hypercore.

Hypercore Managment attempted to contact skysecure to resolve the issue after it was revealed that they had falsely accused us of performing a DDOS attack. We are taking this opportunity to inform our users that we do not participate in DDOS attacks, although we are often forced to fend off attacks utilising professional defence system at great expense to us. Your ability to communicate is our #1 priority, and we will never do anything to prevent that.

Although skysecure has decided to maintain their block of Ciphr & Hypercore, and has been caught doing highly questionable things such as removing Ciphr & Hypercore contacts from their user’s phones, we still maintain our position of amicably resolving this matter.

If the situation continues, contact your representative for details on how affected Ciphr & Hypercore users can stay in touch with their Sky counterparts.

Ciphr & Hypercore provides industry leading technology and security using our multiple layer ECC and Post-Quantum Encryption providing our users with 27,808 bits of RSA equivalent security in addition to forward and future secrecy with unique encryption keys per message.

Thank you for your continued support.

Hypercore Management